The Fund in memory of Zevik Sommerfeld

Zevik Sommerfeld, who was killed in action in Southern Lebanon did not live to take up academic studies. We, his family, therefore decided to establish a Trust Fund in his name for the academic studies of young men who served in Zeviks Paratroopers Recon (Reconnaissance Company) Unit. This unit is one of Israel s top elite commando units, and we feel these young men deserve to receive some recognition in return of their contribution to country and society.

The problem of financing the academic studies of ex-combat soldiers,has been a central public issue in the Israeli public for a long time. Unfortunately, little has been done to date. The Israeli young men who face compulsory military service (three years), find that upon discharge the task of the finance of academic studies can be very difficult (if not impossible).

The Zevik Sommerfeld Fund has begun its activities in 1998 and was able to grant two full scholarships ($ 8500 each) for two students. The financing of these was possible through donations raised by the
family. In the following years thanks to the generous donation received, the fund was able to increase the number of scholarships to twelve per year (totaling $108,000).

We are now approaching our extended family. Come and join us in our effort to help these young men fulfill their aspirations. We would be very appreciative if you could participate in contributing to this
Fund, thus making it possible that next year we could award even more.

The main principles of the Fund and it's goals:

The Zevik Sommerfeld Fund was founded by Michal and Danny Sommerfeld in the loving memory of their late son who fell in his line of duty, in Southern Lebanon on May 15th ,1997 at the age of 21.
The writ of the Fund was signed on the 19th of November ,1997 in accordance with the Israeli Trust Law (1979). It was declared that the Fund would "commemorate the name of Zevik Sommerfeld by awarding
funds, from the Fund's assets to participate and assist in the academic tuition costs of young men who served and will serve in the future, in the Paratroopers Recon Unit.

The goals of the Fund are as follows:

a) To provide financial assistance for those who served in the Paratroopers Recon Unit and take up academic studies in one of Israel's approved institutions, this to perpetuate the memory of Zevik Sommerfeld who fell in his course of duty.

b) To perpetuate the memory of Zevik Sommerfeld for any cause in the fields of Education, Culture, Health or Social Services.



The founder trustees, have undertaken to work consistently and without let, to broaden and prosper the assets of the Fund for the purpose of achieving it's aims
and goals and for the benefit of those who will enjoy it's fruits, in accordance with the Law.

All donations credited to the Fund are transferred to a special designated bank account and invested by the trustees in accordance with those rules laid down by the Trust Laws (1979) and those rules
applicable to Charities (1974).

The accounting books will be run and kept in accordance with the guidelines applying to non-profit making institutions, and all income and outcome will be duly noted.

The trustees and other operatives of the Fund as well as the Legal and Financial counselors are serving voluntarily. 100% of the donated funds go towards the scholarships and the Paratroopers Recon.



Dear friend and Donator,

Your most welcome donation by check would be gratefully received at the
following address:

The Zevik Sommerfeld Fund
12 Harimon St.
Asseret 7685800

or by bank transfer in accordance with the following details:

Bank Leumi
Branch No. 618
Bank No. 10 - Account type 330
Account No. 386185/00
IBAN IL41 0106 1800 0003 8618 500

          Please note that the Fund is recognized under Section 46 of the Israel Income Tax Act enabling donors to benefit from a 35 % tax deduction as a result of their donation.